Green Office Lämpömiehenkuja 2 A

On 11 June 2013, the office services of the Aalto University Properties Ltd were granted the WWF Green Office label. The goal defined by Aalto CRE together with WWF has been constant reduction of the environmental burden and consumption of natural resources due to office work and operations.

By starting to use the Green Office system, Aalto CRE wanted to make environmental issues a part of every-day work. Aalto University Properties has prepared an environmental programme for their office, and the selected indicators are paper and energy consumption, waste quantities and the environmental awareness of its employees. 

 “As practical measures, for example, we have optimised the power-saving properties of office equipment and started using an information board visualising energy consumption in our lobby. We use campus bikes and electric cars as transport in the Otaniemi area. We wish to encourage our personnel to eco-awareness both at work and in their freetime.”
Development Manager, Environment and Sustainability, Satu Kankaala, Aalto University Properties Ltd

Aalto CRE’s environmentally friendly practices can already be seen in recycling waste, meeting arrangements and acquisitions, supporting remote work and green communication.   Aalto University Properties participates in the Earth Hour event in the spring and in the national Energy Saving Week in the autumn.

The appointed Green Office Team will inspect and encourage Aalto University Properties’ office for better eco-efficiency with different targets also in the future. The realisation of these targets is reported to WWF annually.

Green Office is a practical environmental system developed by WWF Finland, the aim of which is to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of an office. Further information: