Maarintalo (Sähkömiehentie 3)

Maarintalo is a study center open 24 hours every day of the year, consisting mainly of computer classes. In addition, there is a healthcare centre and office space on the premises. The floor area is 3,492 m2 in total, and the healthcare centre covers 787 m2 of it. The red-brick building was completed in 1991.

What was done and why

Lighting in Maarintalo was renewed in the autumn 2013, as the illuminating power of the old lighting fixtures was below the recommended illuminating values. The lights were controlled with a light switch, and in practice the lights were always on in part of the premises. Appropriate illuminating power for the new lights was decided based on the illuminating power calculations and Dialux simulations.

The purpose of the renewal was:

  • to improve the study and work atmosphere at Maarintalo
  • to save energy
  • to gain experience of LED lighting before new LED investments

The old lighting fixtures at Maarintalo consisted of more than five hundred T8 fluorescent tubes and more than one hundred halogen or other similar spotlights. The electric power of the lighting was altogether 41 kW, monthly electricity consumption 30 MWh and the annual maintenance costs of the lighting were EUR 15 – 25 per fixture.

The old lights were changed to LED lights. Also the housings were renewed to make sure that the lighting fixtures conduct the heat burden away with sufficient efficiency and the over-heating of LEDs can be avoided and their lifespan not reduced. The approaching maintenance age of old light fixtures was also taken into consideration when renewing the housings. Lights equipped with motion detectors were installed in toilet spaces and stairwells. Other control systems were not installed due to costs related to additional cabling.

The results

The electric power of the lighting reduced from 41 kW to 27 kW. The annual reduction of the consumption based on the lighting renovation alone can only be estimated, as there were also other energy efficiency investments made in the building. The financial savings incurred annually due to the reduction of electricity consumption are estimated to be approximately EUR 10,000-12,000 and EUR 12,000 due to lower maintenance costs. Additional savings will follow from reduced cooling needs in the summer. The direct payback period for the project is 4-5 years. The lighting project received MEE’s energy support.

Another important result is that after the lighting investment Maarintalo’s lighting conditions improved significantly. Based on the results of the usability evaluation walk in spring 2014, the users told that the Maarintalo lighting was on a good level.


Old fluorescent lights on the left, new LED lights on the right