LED lighting

LED light investments have been implemented in several buildings. LEDs save energy and reduce the maintenance need of lights.

In Aalto CRE's buildings on average 20% of total electricity consumption is lighting, so lighting energy efficiency has a considerable effect on building energy consumption. LED technology is generally considered as the most energy efficient lighting option. The greatest advantages of LEDs compared to fluorescent lights are considerably lower electricity consumption, better luminous efficacy, durability and resulting easy maintainability. Also the heat loss of LEDs is lower, which saves cooling energy. LED investments are usually very profitable due to short payback time.

Aalto University Properties completed its first extensive LED investment in autumn 2013 at Maarintalo (Sähkömiehentie 3), where all the lights were changed to LEDs. The results of the investment were positive, and after that LED investments have been completed in several buildings. In Töölö at Arkadiankatu 24 E-wing the lights were renewed in autumn 2014 and in Otaniemi at TUAS building (Otaniementie 17) changing of the lights is ongoing. At Otakaari 1 renovation part of the lights were changed to LED lights. Additionally part of the lights have been renewed at Tietotie 1 E, Chydenia, Lämpömiehenkuja 2 and outdoor lights in for example Sähkömiehentie 4, Puumiehenkuja 2, Otakaari 4 and Kemistintie 1. Further led investments will be coming at Tekniikantie 3 and Konemiehentie 1 and 2. Every time renewal of lights is needed in some building, they will be changed to LEDs according to the recommendations of the energy efficiency team.