As a part of the implementation of the energy efficiency targets, we launched the operations of an Energy Efficiency Team in the beginning of 2013, encouraging the involvement of the interest groups. The Team’s mission is to advance energy-saving solutions on Aalto campuses. In 2013, the Energy Efficiency Team started the “Energy Management on Aalto Campuses” trainings, which encourage the involvement of Aalto University’s property and facility managers, janitors and maintenance personnel in improving energy efficiency.

We are participating in the WWF Earth Hour annually, as well as the Energy Saving Week every autumn organised by Motiva. In the events we have released blog posts by the University rector and different actors in the Aalto community, an energy contest and an awareness speeches. An Energy Saving Guide was also launched during the Energy Saving Week, which was distributed to all the buildings. The tips included in the guide can also be found in our publications and the bulletin boards of the buildings. During the 2014 Energy Saving Week, first version of this energy website was published.

Aalto University Properties Ltd is involved in several different climate agreements and targets. In addition, our daily projects produce material to support the energy efficiency measures of the properties.