Sustainability Team & Contact Information

The tasks of the Sustainability Team include

  • forwarding energy efficiency, reduction of carbon footprint, and sustainable development at the campus from the perspectives of ecological, social and economical responsibilities
  • making sustainable development proposals for space change, complete renovation projects and new construction, developing the campus, services and different sustainable procedures
  • making proposals for exploiting renewable energy sources in building and block levels
  • taking care of implementing the approved procedures
  • finding and taking along the school ambassadors of sustainable development
  • involving users in development, for example by collecting user feedback and using different kinds of participatory methods like student projects and joint development

Team members

  • Aalto University Campus & Real Estate: Satu Kankaala, Riikka Manninen, Pasi Lehto, Jukka-Pekka Salmisto, Tanja Pietikäinen, Milla Uusitalo
  • Aalto University: Annukka Jyrämä
  • Aalto Campus services: Kalevi Luukkainen
  • Aalto IT services: Elena Pirinen, Ville Pursiainen
  • Student union AYY: Olga Penkkilä, Rosa Väisänen

Team sponsors

  • Antti Ahlava / Aalto University
  • Antti Tuomela, Kari Haapamäki / Aalto University Campus & Real Estate
  • Minna Halme / Aalto Univeristy, an academic sponsor


Aalto University Campus & Real Estate

Lämpömiehenkuja 2 A
02150 ESPOO
p. 09 439 0060 (switchboard)