The research and reporting work in the beginning of the Ecocampus 2030 project are being conducted as a part of Aalto University Properties’ Tekes project in RYM Oy’s Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE) research programme. The intention is to apply for investment support for possible new energy efficiency investments and renewable energy investments where possible. Planning and implementation of investments will be done in collaboration with best partners.

Also other landowners in the Otaniemi area are involved in the project’s planning and investment phases, as active participants in the project, financers as well as beneficiaries of the results.

The project engages in research and development cooperation with the Aalto community in terms of different kinds of surveys and student projects that support the Ecocampus 2030 theme. A master's thesis was written on the topic “Heating network for a decentralised heat production system” by Anniina Koikkalainen. The purpose of the work was to discover how the heat transfer and distribution network in the Otaniemi area should be developed in order to achieve the energy self-sufficiency aims. In addition, cooperation is done with the Aalto Energy Platform.