Progress of the project

The aim of the project is a comprehensive regional energy system in Otaniemi. The project is implemented in phases.


The Energy Self-sufficient Otaniemi 2030 project is divided into an analysis and research phase and investment phase.

Reduction potential for consumption

The current energy consumption of buildings is monitored and reported regularly. In addition to the size of the building, the activities that take place in the building have a significant effect on the total energy consumption. There may be changes especially in the use of the buildings, such as using times and manners of use. These potential changes must be notified in the information to be reported.

Based on the energy efficiency plan, we have prepared an estimate that by the end of 2016, there will be 18% saving potential in terms of heating and 10 % in terms of electricity in the building stock. The saving potential presented in the estimate is achieved by 2020, and after this the energy use can be further enhanced by 2030. With these calculations, energy consumption (incl. electricity and heating) will be in total 22,000 MWh lower in 2030 than currently. This corresponds with 27 % of the current total energy consumption.

Evaluating production potentials

In evaluating the potentials of different technologies, the energy production solutions are:

  • Solar energy (electricity production)
  • Small-scale wind power (electricity production)
  • Solar heat (heat production)
  • Geothermal heat (heat production and cooling)
  • Air-source heat pumps (heat production and cooling)
  • Small-scale CHP (combined heat and power production)

In terms of these technologies, we are also examining combination solutions (hybrids). In addition, we will review the characteristics and alternatives for electricity and heat transfer and distribution, as well as energy (electricity and heating) storage technologies.

As starting material for the calculations, we use publically available material, such as weather statistics, energy price statistics, marketing data for different technologies, and the Aalto University Properties’ material as well as previous reports on the matter.

Road map to a comprehensive regional energy solution

As a result of examining both the database and the energy solutions, a plan resembling a road map will be prepared for an energy self-sufficient Otaniemi.

The plan will bring out solutions that can be used to make the Otaniemi area as energy self-sufficient as possible by 2030. The goals of the Ecocampus 2030 project are implemented in renovation and new construction projects.

The plan also describes possible factors related to technology and/or system implementation, and possible bottlenecks that prevent or could prevent utilisation of technology in the area. The obstacles can be legal, administrational or related to marketing and pricing.