Energy efficiency - Energy saving target achieved by 110%

The buildings owned by Aalto University Campus & Real Estate are mainly built in the 1960s, and therefore it is time to perform renovation work. In connection with renovations, the aim is to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings, and to develop the functionality of the properties to meet the current requirements.

Aalto CRE is involved in the Facilities’ Energy Efficiency Agreement (TETS). The electricity saving target set for 2015 was achieved by 110 %, which means 5885 MWh. In 2014, 78 % (4166 MWh in total) of the energy saving target was achieved. As a part of improving energy efficiency, different automatic remote surveillance services are in use in nearly all buildings. Demand response of district heat has been piloted in one building.

An energy audit has currently been performed for 19 buildings. Energy-saving measures have been implemented in these buildings, and other operations are also planned. Energy investment funding has been applied for and received for some of the energy efficiency measures.

Together with the Aalto University Foundation, we have signed an Energy Saving Agreement. In the annual target discussion, we agree on the common target for the total consumption of electricity. The target for 2015 was 2,2 % lower than the estimated electricity consumption in 2014.